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Our Goal

Our goal and objective is to bring more people into I.T!

Tech Academy is a community of passionate I.T professionals who have teamed up to bring about the solution to one of the problems in the Tech world which is the need for more women and minorities in the U.S tech industry and other parts of the world where the need for them is much appreciated. 

What we stand by 

  • SIMPLICITY - I.T could be complex and we get it, just like every other complex issues in life, the best way to make complex simple is to approach the complexity of anything in easy steps and that is what we preach, promote and represent. 
  • QUALITY EDUCATION - We believe in education, but in the type of education that opens the mind of people to what is possible. We love technology, and we believe that the more people get to use and explore technology, and then we can go from scratching the surface of technology to solving more problems. 
  • PEOPLE AND COMMUNITY BUILDING - Unified effort towards a big goal is better than an isolated pursuit. And that is why we have teamed up and will continue to partner with tech oriented companies to help us achieve one of our goals of bringing more people into I.T especially the minorities with women being the focus for now. We believe that the biggest asset in life is life itself and us humans

Some of our guiding philosophies

  1. STAY HUNGRY - We only know what we know, what we don’t know is bigger than us, that is why we can’t afford not to stay hungry in this digital and global village. 
  2. CONTINOUS IMPROVEMENT & INCREMENTAL GROWTH - That something works doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. The big challenge for us now is, what technology can we improve in other to solve bigger problems? That is why each member of our team is tasked with improving every aspect of their I.T skill set. 
  3. CONTINOUS LEARNING, STUDYING AND THINKING - Since we are in the tech education space, our number one mission is to keep learning more, spend quality time in studying and thinking of new idea to expand our horizon. Try us today

What is our Mission? 

Our Mission …is to make it easy for ordinary individuals to get a job in I.T

Our Open House Sessions

We will have some open house sessions after our first tech


7825 Mistletoe Drive, Elkridge
Maryland, 21075 

1400 Mercantile Lane Suite, 242 Largo MD 20774


Phone: +1 (240) 478-1345
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