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I.T education is the core of what we do, let us work you through our process

Upon completing your registration you will be presented with the following

  1. PROVIDED WITH THE CURRICULUM - One of the materials that you will be given is a full curriculum detailing what you will learn from start to finish including the project that you will do on your own and with your team Try it now!
  2. LMS ACCOUNT - The next step for us will be to create your LMS (Learning Management System) account which will contain all the materials you will need for the entire training. All the projects, assignment, quizzes will be on the LMS for. With your LMS account you can study at your pace but you are expected to turn in your assignments and projects on due dates. Try it now!
  3. EXAM PREP - After your training, the next step will be rigorous preparatory exercises to get you ready for any certification exam you decide to take first. We typically advice our students to sit for 3 different certification exams which are in high demand from employers. Try it now!
  4. JOB PREP - After you have taken and passed your certification exams, this is where we now present you to our partners (different tech companies and tech recruiting firms) to access your technical skills and eventually either give you an entry level position or paid internship opportunities. The advice that we will give to our students is to first try paid internship opportunities so they can get a feel of what it entails to work in I.T, then build up their experience from there, which will eventually help prepare them for any entry level job. Try us now!

What a typical week look like 

Monday - Friday

On a typical week day, each student is expected to study for 2 - 4 hours and should be online from 3 - 9pm. Our instructors and mentors will typical be online from 9am - 9pm ET (Eastern Time). During this operating hours, our instructors and mentors will help students with any technical difficulties. The order in which this happends is for a students to go into our system and submit a ticket to schedule an appointment to speak with one of the mentors online. As we progress in improving our system, we would make this happen more faster for the students and instructors..

Every Saturdays

We are partly online and physical classroom kind of I.T school. During the cause of this training students
are expected to showup to a physical classromm to interface with an instructor and other students. This day is where every student will get to ask whatever questions they have and then meet with the students who might eventually become their team member or colleagues at work. This is one of the technique we use in building our professional tech community. Also on this day, projects will be assigned, teams will do presentations, interviews sessions will be conducted that will prepare our students for the real world tech interviews.

What you will learn 

Fall Training Schedule

Let's give you an idea of the I.T areas you will be trained on

November 2018

How computers & the internet works

More than 4 billion people are using the computer in one way or the other. And we have over 2 billion people connected online, now comes the question, how many people really know how computers all over the world are able to connect to each other. For you to be a professional I.T Engineer, you will need to know and be able to eplain to a 4 years old child how our computer
work and how they talk to each other accross the globe.

December 2018                           

Computer Networking

Understanding the foundations of networking is paramount for any IT professional. This course covers the very basics. For those who have no idea of how computer networks work, this is a great starting point for learners who are interested in entry-level networking concepts and skills. Althought the terminology involved when trying to understand the concept of computer networking might often feel
like you are listening to a foreign language. You dont worry because we got you covered. In this month, you will learn how the most important protocols on the
Internet, like IP, TCP, and HTTP work together to deliver a web page from a server on the Internet to your desktop’s web browser.

January 2019

Cyber Security

The need for Cyber Security expert is in unimagined high demand. For you to secure a high paying I.T job, you will need to know to some intermediate or
advance level of how to secure a computer and its underlying network infrastructure. In this month, you will be equiped with all the basic and intermediate knowledge of all the technologies and pratctices to operate as an I.T professional who is security concious.

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